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With Brokrete, you can look at availabilities, book in real-time, have recommendations and manage your order after it's booked. Our product also let you manage your projects, send simple invoice to your client and have access to tool such has calculators and weather.

On demand Real time concrete ordering technologies contractors app

Connect with your supplier.
And get mutual benefit from the Brokrete platform.

In partnership and cooperation with your supplier, we ca setup the brokrete ecosystem in order to facilitate your ordering process and get mutual benefits from our platform.

  • Contractor app setup
  • Supplier software setup
On demand Real time concrete ordering technologies contractors

Simple and intuitive ordering.

Tired of always having to call the concrete plant? Tired of always having to talk with a dispatch to know availabilities? Tired of always having to call back to manage, change or hold your order? Brokrete offers you everything you need directly from your mobile device.

  • Complete concrete ordering process
  • Notification system on all orders
  • Earn point for each cubic meters ordered
  • Pay using the app
On demand Real time concrete ordering technologies contractors app

Manage each order
in real-time.

You can easily change any parameter of your order after it has been processed. It's announcing rain tomorrow? No stress! just put your order on hold with the push of a button. Need more concrete? Simply add to your quantity in the "live order edit" page. Our system will automatically calculate the difference between the initial oirder and the new order and the price will ve adjusted accordingly.

  • Modify, adjust, hold or cancel orders in real-time
  • Automatic price adjustment
  • Intelligent checkout
  • Refund feature
On demand Real time concrete ordering technologies contractors app

Like if it was not enough...
we added tools for contractors.

You can add project informations, client informations, tasks, notes and pictures. We are offering you free tools to manage your company and facilitate your life.

  • Project management
  • Project tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Calculators
  • Weather

Take a look at Brokrete

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Q&A - Why Brokrete is simply better?

Our mission is to fix the problems of the concrete industry.

With our system, it’s faster to order from the app than to do 1 single phone call (we tested it). Contractors have access to the availabilities in real-time and manage the delivery according to their needs. The contractor can modify any parameters, or put on-hold (for weather reasons, for example). It’s intuitive and super fast, compared to the present "cat-and-mouse" telephone chase between dispatchers and contractors.
Human error in the ordering process: It can happen that the order is not processed properly. Important admixtures are missing or that the type of concrete is completely wrong. Dispatchers are human and process a lot of orders in a day, which can be confusing. Not having the right concrete can be dramatic for a construction project.
Hours of operations: Contractors can only manage their orders during hours of operation of the supplier. This is largely the reason why concrete contractors have to wake up at 5AM in the morning. It’s to manage their orders. They need to be the first to call at the plant to have the best spot to pour.
Our system is always live, and you can book or manage at any time of the day. It’s just an amazing bonus for contractors. 
 The process of opening an account with a ready-mix company: Contractors need to meet a representative, negotiate a price, paper filled credit check (most of the time) and the concrete company must manually setup the client in his system.
With Brokrete, contractor simply download the app and fill their profile. No credit check needed for COD.
We want Brokrete to be the ultimate tools for people involve in the concrete industry. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where all tools needed to optimized contractors and suppliers life is present. Brokrete will always continue to add new and innovative features for contractors and suppliers.

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