Briging the concrete industry into the 21st century.

Help us improve and change the concrete industry

And empower the actors
of it.

Concrete is the most used product on the planet,
after water!

The concrete industry is underated, underlook and in need of a serious makeover.
Brokrete is using technology solve contractors and ready-mix concrete companies problems.
Simple has that!


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The cause

Changing the world of concrete by implementing a technologically adapted ordering process and marketplace available at fingertips. Our goal is to build the ultimate tool for the concrete industry. The tool that the founders would have liked to have when running their own companies in this field.

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The Mission

The construction industry has not evolve compared to other industry and has not evolve following new trends in business and technology. Managing a construction company is chaos. The system in many regions is corrupted and broken, the price gap between suppliers, big companies, medium and small companies is completely disproportionate. Accessibility for certain people is impossible. Small contracting companies don't have affordable or technological resources to help them manage their concrete business. The list of problems on the ready-mix company side is just overwhelming. Brokrete is all about fixing problems and improving the system with a central ecosystem.

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The result

The only complete algorithm that let you order concrete, manage orders and that analyse customer satisfaction. All of this enhanced by a "special menu" for pros, where they can manage their construction projects, send & manage their invoices, have access to calculators and to special deals related to their field of expertise. The ultimate concrete platform, available from a mobile device.

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