Brigning concrete to the 21st century

Solving the concrete industry problems using technology.

Objective :
Empowering the concrete industry.

We want to offer a platform that will improve and empower the actors of the concrete industry, from the client and contractors to the ready-mix suppliers. We facilitate the overall ordering process, reduce risks of catastrophic human errors and reduce the time spent managing concrete orders.


Technology has improved almost all spheres of markets, but not the concrete industry. Brokrete uses specific algorithms created specifically for the industry to facilitate specific processes AND optimize them. Brokrete is a technology company focused on solving the problems of the concrete industry.


"The goal has always been to change the industry. I always felt there were profound problems. The booking process is from stone age, distribution efficiency is poor and not optimized, contractors have no resources and pricing can be disproportionate. I have always believed that technology could solve these problems and improve, by many orders of magnitudes, the overall process. We want to empower the concrete industry. Simple has that!"

Jordan Latourelle, CEO Brokrete inc.

Available MARCH 1st 2018 on GOOGLE PLAY.

Available MARCH 15 on APPLE STORE.

Contact us now for a Beta version and start now using our app.

We have built the ultimate app for anybody involves in the concrete industry! Enjoy!


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